Neighborhood Guidelines
PFHA can't say it enough, neighbor to neighbor is the best way to communicate
These guidelines derive from a combination of Potomac Falls Covenants, Montgomery County regulations and requests from our members. Please keep in mind that the role of the association is to remind homeowners of the terms of our covenants and to provide guidance on issues that affect the overall appearance and quality of life in this neighborhood. *Our property deeds contain covenants aimed at protecting the style, design and overall value of the neighborhood. It is critical that we follow these covenants to maintain the reputation that we have enjoyed for the past forty years.
Adherence to these covenants is expected of ALL homeowners, irrespective of PFHA membership. Click for an abbreviated version of the covenants.
  • Fences According to our covenants, permanent fencing is to be no more than 4’ in height unless superseded by county code. Please ensure that fences and walls, especially those at the front of your home, are either well-maintained or completely removed.
  • Contractor Signs Advertising signs are not allowed according to Potomac Falls covenants. Please do not allow your contractor to place a sign on your property. For Sale, signs are currently the only exception to this.
  • County Rights of Way The 10 feet minimum area between the street and the property line is owned by Montgomery County which is responsible for keeping the drainage swales functioning properly. However, routine grooming/upkeep of this area is the responsibility of the individual homeowner. Please make sure your right of way is kept clean and that drainage channels do not become clogged with debris. County code prohibits the placing of any obstacle in the right of way. The county may remove stakes/ rocks or other obstructions from this area at any time.
  • Bridlepaths These paths were part of the community’s original 1960’s design. The paths are easements and their upkeep is the responsibility of abutting homeowners, who actually own the land. Please try to keep these areas free from debris and overgrown vegetation. 
  • Noise Nuisance County Code prohibits construction work before 7:00 am. Please refrain from using leaf blowers or other noisy equipment as far as possible on the weekend, except between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. Party noise and outside speaker music must be quietened after 11 pm. Large truck deliveries should be scheduled during daytime hours only. Barking dogs must be inside from 11 pm - 7 am.
  • Dumpsters Please ask your contractors to site a dumpster on your driveway to keep Potomac Falls neat and safe for traffic and pedestrians. Any placing of a dumpster on our streets requires a right-of-way permit from the County.
  • Pets Please be sure to clean up after your dog! Do not let your pet approach another dog or person without permission or enter another homeowner’s property unattended. If your dog is barking in your yard for more than a few minutes, please bring him inside, especially when your neighbors are trying to sleep.
  • Solicitation There is a NO solicitation rule in effect for this neighborhood. Please encourage any vendor violating this rule to abide by it in the future. Call IAS Security or the police if you are approached by a vendor at your home. This is a serious security issue.
  • Newspaper Delivery and Trash/Recycling Pick-Up Newspapers and other printed material should be promptly picked up from the driveway. When away from home, please be sure to cancel your newspapers and suspend mail service. Please remove empty trash receptacles from the street edge as soon as you can.
  • Speed and Safety The speed limit for the entire neighborhood is 25 miles per hour. Please drive within this limit and come to a complete stop at intersections. The neighborhood was designed without sidewalks. Please reduce speed when driving near playing children, walkers, joggers, and animals. Always stop for school buses.
  • Street Parking Please park your vehicles and those of your guests and contractors on your driveway whenever possible. If you are holding a large event, you MUST inform IAS Security one week prior so that they can monitor traffic flow. These measures will ensure emergency vehicle access and will help reduce damage to the grass rights of way. If vehicles must be parked on the street, then use one side only and keep tires off your neighbors’ grass.