Sidey Lake

Tucked away in the middle of the Potomac Falls is our private and hidden gem - Sidey Lake. The lake was named in honor of Hugh Sidey, a long term resident, a renowned journalist, and one of the founders of the lake association. It was created by the Miller Development Company in the 1960s when the neighborhood was first developed, and its surrounding banks are a 10.7-acre haven and are home to bass, bluegill, carp, turtle, frogs, salamanders, and snakes. Seasonal visitors to the lake include blue herons, hawks, eagles, ospreys, ducks, geese, cormorants, deer, raccoons, and even an occasional beaver.


Sidey Lake is for the express enjoyment of dues-paying homeowners in Potomac Falls. It is an ideal environment for

  • gentle boating recreation,
  • fishing,
  • birding,
  • hiking and
  • enjoying nature.


If you plan to visit the lake, please know there are rules that must be followed for everyone's safety.


Potomac Falls homeowners can access Sidey Lake via marked easements/pathways from both Cripplegate Road and Pleasant Hill Drive. There is also a path from the lake to the C&O Canal, Potomac River, and Great Falls Park.


The lake and its surrounding area are managed by the Potomac Falls Nature Conservation and Educational Association, Inc., a 501c (3) commonly referred to as the Lake Association. They maintain the lake and its surrounding area.


The lake association appreciates the financial support of Potomac Falls homeowners and asks that you consider making an annual tax-deductible contribution to support the considerable costs of restoration and on-going maintenance of this neighborhood asset. Donations of any size are welcome and should be sent directly to:


Potomac Falls Nature Conservation and Educational Association, Inc.

10 Stanmore Court

Potomac, MD 20854

Attn: Ed Carr