Welcome! Perhaps you’re a PFHA member, looking for news about what’s going on in the neighborhood.  Or maybe you’ve recently stumbled across Potomac Falls - online or in the flesh - and you’d like to know more about this hidden gem in Potomac.  Either way, we’re glad you found us.
We’re a residential neighborhood in the suburbs of Washington DC comprised of 262 homes and a lot of wonderful people. Imagine a place where your children can walk to neighbors to play with their friends, where walking the neighborhood is like a journey to the park and where folks greet you openly and warmly.
This is Potomac Falls ......the Neighborhood You've Always Dreamed Of.
Take a look around.  Stay a while.  We hope you find what you’re looking for.
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Our Community

Potomac Falls is a special place. Miriam Webster defines community as “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.” In Potomac Falls, our definition of community goes beyond that. In Potomac Falls neighbors connect, neighbors watch out for each other and there is a shared interest in assuring that Potomac Falls retains its unique character and identity. It really is the neighborhood you’ve always dreamed of.

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